Terms of Service

By deciding to work with me you agree to take full responsibility of your life.

I only work with people that are eager for success and feel ready to “exorcise” their mind.

1.  Payment

Please note all payments are non-refundable & payment plans to be completed This contract will be deemed binding upon your first receipt of the first payment you make.

I reserve the right to change the fees/packages offered but will always honour the agreed rate for the agreed time period that was set at the beginning of our work together.

2. Communication

I welcome communication & connection between our calls.

However, I will address any form of co-dependency as soon as it arises.

3. Guarantees

We know and trust that everything we have designed is meant to create magical results. However, the commitment to create unimaginable results it is your job.

4. Confidentiality

The coaching relationship we develop is sacred to me.