The Story


became my ticket to failure

Yes, you heard it right. I have a bachelor’s in Psychology and that was one of the reasons I was a failure in my career up until the age of 30. This may sound like total nonsense, that’s exactly what I was saying to myself for nearly 10 years. And then suddenly, it all became clear.

Let me tell you why I decided to study psychology in the first place.

At a very early age, when apparently, we are supposed to decide what path we want to choose in life (career-wise), I already knew what I was going to become, I was going to become a psychologist. The idea was, I knew I will be helping people out with the drama in their lives.

That became OBVIOUS to me because I had the gift to help others overcome difficult situations. I was only 17 years old and my friends and family members were just drawn to me with their issues and problems, even though I was doing nothing (at least that’s what I thought – but I had the gift of listening without any judgement).

So, there I was, sure on my career path, ready to make amazing things happen.

Looking back, I understand the huge role INTUITION played in taking this decision.

As you may think, I was embarking on a journey that was promising success in many ways. I was going for a prestigious title, the money was most likely to come as a result of that; I would do something I am good at, help people live better lives (we are supposed to do that to be successful, right?) and everyone would appreciate and admire me ( family in the first place – I’d have a good job that everyone to be proud of; plus, when you say to people you are a psychologist or a counsellor, you immediately gain a certain status, right?). Just the ideal life.

The reality crept in while studying and even if I was a very good student with very high grades, I started to feed my fears:

Will I be good enough?

There will be a great responsibility. Hey, wake up, you are going to deal with people’s issues that will impact their lives forever!!!

You are too young to do this!!!

You don’t have enough money to own an office.

It will take you years to become successful!

You are not going to make it!! Etc.

The result was that I started to entertain the idea of working for a company, possibly for the Human Resources department. I was telling myself that, they need people that study psychology and that will be an ideal place for me. I will have a well-paid job still, less responsibility, better safety, etc.

Next step, I decided to do a Master’s in human resources. You see, I believed in the title. I believed in the power a title gives you and I also believed to be successful I needed to know more.

The family had no idea what I was up to, they have always trusted me. But at that point, I began to feel the need to earn my own money and become more independent.

Therefore, I started to look for ways of making money.

I was very disappointed; I couldn’t find any jobs to please me. At the end of the day, I had a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I was meant for something good at least, not to say great.

It was tough to live that reality. Little I knew what was coming was even worst.

I decided to just find a job and start from there. I could build the career I wanted any time, right?

Today, I am aware that this was the moment “I sold my soul”.

And as you have probably guessed, I did that for nearly 10 years.

If you wonder about my Master’s, I did get my diploma, but I never managed to get into a job that would consider any of my degrees. I allowed myself to get trapped into a reality I disliked.

The pain I went through nearly 10 years is hard to describe. Every new job was even worse and harder to accept after a while. I was changing my jobs every two years and I was constantly looking for something else. I got to the point of feeling useless and worthless.

Day by day, I was dying inside. I was murdering my genius and every cell of my body could feel the pain.

But all the while, I never stopped to self-educate.

I read books and I have done all types of personal development courses that shaped my journey towards today’s success.

The wake-up moment arrived after a course that exposed all my beliefs. I got to know a different ME. I got to know my identity. I discovered the beliefs that created the roots of my unhappiness in my career and beyond that.

I also understood that all this time I couldn’t change my reality because I felt entitled to success. In my subconscious mind, I was holding conflicting beliefs: I’m not capable vs I am entitled to success. This is how my degree in psychology became my ticked to failure. I had a prestigious diploma; therefore, I was entitled to a good career. And this is how I screwed up 10 years of my life.

How sad is that?

Luckily, the awareness gained from the information I was feeding my mind, completely changed my life.

I learned about energy and about how connected we are one to each other. I learned about the creative power that each of us holds and I discovered that our weaknesses are meant to help us evolve and stretch ourselves to unimagined levels of power.

The new paradigm I was living made me aware of how for so many years, I was disconnected of my own heart/my own truth.

Therefore, I decided it was time for a new beginning. Every day came with more clarity and meaning for me.

Intense work with my own self followed, that led to discovering my passion and that is HELPING OTHER PEOPLE LIVE SIGNIFICANT BETTER LIVES (same thing as: “I help people overcome their drama” but said with fancy words).

I have found that coaching is the method that feels authentic and valuable to use in this process.

I use coaching to teach super consciousness, “exorcise” people’s minds and help them become magicians of their own lives.

The next step for me was to get trained as a life coach. I studied coaching in London with Animas school for coaching. (See, the diploma was still important at the time.)


My vision

Today, I am the expert in change, like no other, that will take you to a new level of awareness where there is no coming back.

I know the world of the humans is about to change and I am one of the agents in charge of that.

My mission is to help and support people in living a more conscious life. I am committed to being an unstoppable force of good that supports people in regaining the power of their dormant God.

If you want to find out more, I am looking forward to hearing from you!